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Why Do We Crave What Is Bad For Us?

The old cliché that if something is tasty it must be fattening has a lot to answer for. Take any list of preferred foods, and there is little doubt that the bulk will be things that are bad for us. We naturally crave foods that, on balance, are not the best choice for us– they are unhealthy, lack nutrition and often they do not really fill our stomachs effectively– however we keep going back, for whatever reason. Why DO we long for foods that are bad for us?

There is no doubt that there is a certain appeal to food that is not especially healthy. That appeal is not constantly in the method the food tastes. In some cases it is a convenience thing– if you’re at a football game the
opportunities are that the options for a snack do not include a healthy casserole, but will consist of hamburgers, hotdogs and numerous other foods that won’t do your midsection a great deal of great. In some cases it can be something as basic as the way a food smells– discover someone who does not take pleasure in the smell of fried onions and you may just have actually discovered alien life.

As frequently as not, we simply yearn for the junk food since it is easy. We’re used to it, we don’t need to sit down to consume it or match it with just the right side meal. It’s easy and it tastes good. What we need to do is to specify where we find a healthy option to be just as problem-free. For lots of people, the very best option in this case is a sandwich– just as long as there is not excessive butter on it, anyhow!

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