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3 Tips for Baking Healthier Cookies

While making a much healthier cookie might not sound as appealing as a cookie that is packed with sugars, fats, or sweet candy, it is possible to make a healthy cookie that still tastes great. It might be somewhat difficult to fathom, however there are healthy components and replaces that can be added to cookies so they preserve their flavor, however are not as bad for you. Carrying out basic changes into your present household cookie dish can assist you adhere to your diet plan and offer you simply the bit of sweet that you are craving to make it to your next meal.

With so many people turning to health mindful lifestyles, cookies do not need to be thrown out of your diet plan entirely. Rather think about some of the following suggestions to help make your family some much healthier cookies.

1. Add Dried Fruit

For recipes that require chocolate chips or any sort of additional sugar-based additives consider including pieces of dried fruit to your cookies. Dried fruits are healthy to consume and include natural sugars that will still provide your cookies a bit of a sweet flavoring. You can pick fruits that will match the other flavors in your cookies, or merely experiment with numerous fruits that you can discover at the grocery store. Here are some dried fruits that are commonly used in cookie baking and can be found at your local grocers or farmers market:






2. Believe Whole Grains

Fiber is a vital part of a healthy diet plan, so why not integrate fiber into your cookies? Change your all-purpose flour with much healthier wheat flour when baking your cookies from scratch. Even if you change half of the whole flour quantity that is advised for a recipe with entire wheat flour then you are making a healthier cookie. The wheat flour will make your cookies denser than they would be with all-purpose flour, hence bring more nutritional value and fitting into your diet just a little bit much better.

Another technique that some bakers use to add nutritional value to cookies is adding oats to the mix. The oats will give the cookie a crispy texture and can include extra fiber to your cookies.

3. Replace your other Ingredients

Consider all the active ingredients that you utilize to make your typical cookie recipe. Now, consider much better components that can make your cookies simply a little much healthier but taste as good as they are normally. The replacement of just a couple of different active ingredients you can make a healthy cookie. Think about a few of the following active ingredient replacements for your healthy cookie batch:

Replace the oil and butter from your cookie dish with applesauce

Replace eggs with an egg substitute or even simply egg whites

Replace milk chocolate chips with semi-sweet chocolate pieces instead

Change white sugar with sucanat (sugar walking cane) or stevia

Remember that if you want to get healthy, you need to think and make healthy food. With these basic suggestions you can change what would otherwise be an unhealthy, sugar-filled, fattening cookie into a much healthier, gently sweetened cookie treat.

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